The scoring results tables and team cards are not included. Score keeping and team management is done with paper and pencil. The module only handles strategy cards and dice.

Link to March Madness vmod file.

The board is a table of four rows with seven spaces per row:

  • Top Row: Favorite hand cards
  • 2nd Row: Favorite coach and 6 playing positions
  • 3rd Row: Underdog coach and 6 playing positions 
  • Bottom Row: Underdog hand cards

A game "clock" is included in the toolbar as a turn record, showing the current minute of the game and the number of dice to roll.

There are toolbar buttons for rolling 1 to 5 dice. Treat the first die roll in each result as the "white" die.

The Coaching cards in the module start in a separate deck - for variant rules that involve pre-game selection of coaching strategies. Be sure to send the Coaching deck to the Draw Pile before starting standard game-play.