Eleven seasonal turns make up a complete game of Fjord, alternating between German anti-convoy operations in the open ocean, and British fjord raids against the Tirpitz in Norwegian coastal waters. There are three seasons per year - Winter, Spring, Summer - starting with Winter 41 and ending on Spring 45.

Convoy Operation

German kriegsmarine and luftwaffe hunting Allied convoys on the Strategic Map.

All Game-pieces have a magenta border in the module.

Hidden movement is implemented through the use of numbered stack markers.

In the printed game, units are kept off-board to disguise the physical size of each stack. Only the stack markers are on the map - always visible until proven to have no unit(s). 

However, the vassal module does not use separate off-board stack displays. Instead each unit used on the Strategic Map has an Invisible trait that the owning player can turn on and off. So all units are always on the board, visible or not, with an always-visible marker on top of each stack. A stack marker without any units under it constitutes a dummy.

German surface forces are variable as determined by a card drawn from the Hitler's Orders deck.

Fjord Raid

British raiders hunt for the Tirpitz on the Tactical Map.

All Game-pieces have a black border in the module.

Hidden movement is implemented by inverted units. Each player-side has a number of dummy markers ("fish") that are also inverted, and removed from the game when revealed. The module gives a Mask trait to every unit used on the Tactical Map.

The British have seven methods for conducting a fjord raid:

  • Human torpedoes
  • Midget submarines
  • Destroyers
  • Motor topedo boats (MTB)
  • Commandos
  • Carrier-based air
  • Land-based air


The vassal module has two Player Sides defined: British and German. Each side has access to its own game-pieces only, and may not interact with the other side's units at all. There is also an Umpire player defined that has complete access within the module for moderated games and solo testing.

Maps and game-pieces are scanned from the original game.

Like most naval wargames with hidden-movement (going back at least to Avalon Hill MIDWAY), player honesty is assumed. These could be categorized as cooperative-competitive games.

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