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Scenario 6. "The Battle of Nashville Brentwood"

In this 2-day scenario, only the Union scores points, depending mainly on how completely the town of Brentwood is captured (or invested). It is designed to channel the historical Union attacks on the Rebel position outside Nashville. To prevent the Rebs from just running away, the scenario makes Brentwood the point of contention and last line of defense.

The Confederates start in a fortified line, but can't remain there when the scenario ends. So there is a dynamic situation created by the victory conditions. Union success on their right flank will set the timetable for how soon the CSA has to pull out of their trenches.

Direct Union attack (or assault) on the initial forts plays into the Rebel need to withdraw to the Brentwood area - using voluntary defender retreats of 2 to 4 hexes.  It is also expensive (casualty wise) for the Union. So flanking and infiltration through gaps in the line are a likely alternative. The Union can't rely on Brentwood points alone to win - some CSA casualties will likely be required.

March 1, 2022: My tournament game is nearing the end of the first of this 2-day scenario. One demoralized Union division got to Brentwood early in the day (ending a rout move there). Late in the day Schofield's corps turned the Rebel right flank and is poised to occupy Brentwood with one division in good order.

March 9, 2022: Game over after the Confederates won the first two initiatives on Game Turn 2 and had two +3 attacks and won both die rolls 5,2 and 5,3. Had the Union won the first two inits of Day 2, the game would not have ended so quickly - but it would still have been a long shot for a Union win.

Synopsis: In this game, I was playing the Union side. Smith's DAT Corps (Union) was unlucky from the start. In two early +6 attacks Smith lost both combat die rolls: 1,4 and 1,6 which meant that the defending CSA units did not take any losses, while Smith's corps was immediately out of action for the rest of the day. Also, the first two Union cavalry movement rolls were 1,1. There was to be no turning of the Confederate left in this game.