The vassal module available here is intended as a substitute for the board and counters. Movement plotting is still done on paper, so an element of trust is assumed. Players in a live session can show their movement plots to the camera for verification. You will need a copy of the rules because none of the tables are in the module.

Download Frigate vmod file.

There are five ship classes - shown at left: line, frigate, sloop, corvette, merchant.

Ships are grouped into four "mixes" to account for varying weights of broadside: a, b, c, and d. In the boardgame each "mix" has its own color. But in the module all ships are the same color, so a ship's "mix" is shown as a prefix to the number of guns. For example there is a 74-gun ship in each mix, so they are listed in the game-piece palette as a74, b74, c74 and d74.

In Frigate ships are identified by a letter, not by name. In the module a ship's ID is displayed in parentheses after its gun total.

Gunnery and defense factors are not displayed on the ship counters in the module. Gunnery is always subject to adjustment based on range and damage. There is limited space for information on the game pieces, so we chose to use that space for ID, command, and damage info instead of combat factors.

Here's ship "(A)": a mix "d" 74-gun ship with 2 mast hits (• black dots) and 3 crew hits (• red dots). It is the fleet flagship (FF) and is out of command control ( ? )

The blue dot amidships shows that it is in the blue formation.

Gunnery and defense factors are provided in a one-page table of ship factors attached below. Ship speeds are tracked on the written log, so they are not needed on the counters.

The game has six identical 8.5 x 11 inch hex-grid sheets to represent open sea, and the module provides for this. But instead of leap-frogging maps segments when the fleets move toward the edge (as described in the rules), simply zoom out in vassal to the point where you can band-select all ships and then drag everything back to the center of the map layout, maintaining relative ship positions.