David Isby designed the core system for GWE, but when the original quad was published, the four scenarios were all designed by others. His own design - Tannenberg - was not included until later, as an issue of Strategy and Tactics.

The victory conditions in Tannenberg force the Russians to attack. The Russians have more units, but the Germans (only) are allowed to use hidden movement.

Download Tannenberg vassal module.

See also: To the Green Fields Beyond for Isby's take on the Battle of Cambrai.

The Tannenberg vassal module offered here has two player sides defined, with restricted ownership of units and a private map for handling German Gruppen. A Solo player is also available for full access to all units and maps.

Note that each unit in the module show the number of steps remaining to the left of the NATO symbol. Step reduction is handled with game-piece layers, as is out-of-command and out-of-supply status. The set-up for the historical campaign is attached below: a vsav file created as the Solo player and saved after changing to the observer.