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29 Mar 2022

Procedural Combat Series

Conflict Simulations LLC sells what they call their Procedural Combat Series of one-map theater level operations set in post-WWII (designed by Ray Weiss). So far there are five games in the series:

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14 Apr 2020


Destroy All Monsters Operational Series (DAMOS) by Ray Weiss of Conflict Simulations LLC offers some innovative game mechanics.

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2 Jan 2020

1812: Scorched Earth

Conflict Simulations Ltd is a new company (as of 2018) that sells print-to-order wargames designed in the tradition of SPI and GDW. Their games typically have 17 x 22 inch maps, compact rules, and fewer than 200 counters. Their WWII Russian front and North Africa trilogies have maps that can be combined into a micro-monster.

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