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21 Dec 2020


In the 1960's the only game about the Russian front of WWII was Stalingrad, by Avalon Hill. Jim Dunnigan designed Barbarossa as SPI's answer to Stalingrad. As a new game company in the late 1960's SPI had to offer direct alternatives to games from the original (and only) commercial wargame publisher at the time. 

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19 Dec 2020

Franco-Prussian War

The Franco-Prussian war was (apparently) a prime example of a military campaign where neither side had the slightest amount of intelligence about the enemy prior to contact. Fog of war is essential to the situation.

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19 Jul 2020

Solomons Campaign

In his designer's notes for Solomons Campaign (1973) Jim Dunnigan notes that this game is based on his USN game published a year earlier, concentrating on one campaign instead of the entire Pacific theater. Because he had two bites on the apple with this system, SC is one of JD's great designs.

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2 May 2020


In Spitfire, Jim Dunnigan re-tools Flying Circus for early WWII. Airspeed has tripled since 1918 necessitating a signifcant change of scale.

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26 Apr 2020

Flying Circus

The first air combat board game from Dunnigan and SPI, with sequential movement and aircraft performance charts to track the state of flight.

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