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11 Nov 2021

Victory in the West

It started with an SPI subscriber feedback survey. The resulting game was Operation Typhoon (OT), and if you read just the first half of that game's designer's notes you might think it turned out to be an unplayable mess.

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27 Jun 2021


Before he became a leading historian of the US Army in Normandy, Joseph Balkoski was well-know in the wargaming hobby as a game designer and developer for SPI and Victory Games. Years prior to the publication of his first book, Beyond the Beachhead, Joe demonstrated his research into the subject matter in two grand-tactical wargame designs: Omaha Beachhead (Victory Games 1987) and St-Lô (West End 1986).

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3 Jun 2021

Sixth FLEET Play-by-ACTS

A method for playing Sixth Fleet remotely.

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12 Dec 2019

Fighting Sail

A minimalist module of less than 150 KB. Fighting Sail is Joe Balkoski's look at the age of sail, geared for ship duels and small fleet actions.

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11 Dec 2019

The Kaiser's Battle

World War I's Battle of the Bulge in a solo-friendly game.

Designed by Joseph Balkoski using an unusual, table-less combat resolution. Emphasis is on the various types of artillery barrage supporting the German infiltration tactics of Operation Michael in 1918.

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