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24 Aug 2022


The first strategic level wargame on the WWII Pacific theater was Jim Dunnigan's U.S.N. (SPI 1971). It first saw the light of day as a magazine game in S&T 29.

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13 Feb 2022


From the Great War in the East (GWE) series by David Isby (SPI 1978), a game system that portrays early WWI campaigns NOT on the western front - operations that had not been covered in any other wargames at the time of publication.

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11 Nov 2021

Victory in the West

It started with an SPI subscriber feedback survey. The resulting game was Operation Typhoon (OT), and if you read just the first half of that game's designer's notes you might think it turned out to be an unplayable mess.

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6 Jan 2021

To the Green Fields Beyond

TGBF covers the battle of Cambrai at the operational scale: 1,250 yards per hex (1.1 km), with 17 one-day turns for the full game. Shorter scenarios are provided, including a 3-day British attack scenario that is excellent for solitaire play. The designer, David Isby is also known for his game Soldiers (SPI 1972) covering tactical WWI combat in 1914 - before trench warfare became the norm.

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21 Dec 2020


In the 1960's the only game about the Russian front of WWII was Stalingrad, by Avalon Hill. Jim Dunnigan designed Barbarossa as SPI's answer to Stalingrad. As a new game company in the late 1960's SPI had to offer direct alternatives to games from the original (and only) commercial wargame publisher at the time. 

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