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3 Jun 2021

Sixth FLEET Play-by-ACTS

A method for playing Sixth Fleet remotely.

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4 Mar 2021


Jon Southard's WWII Pacific games, Carrier and Tokyo Express, could be the best Pacific war solitaire consims ever.

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7 Nov 2020

Panzer Command

The first chit-pull game was Panzer Command (Victory Games, 1984, Eric Lee Smith) - soon followed by Across 5 Aprils. The game presents a match-up between a German panzer division and a Soviet tank army, roughly equivalent in size. 

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15 Jun 2020

Carrier Virtual Flipbook

Here's a web-app that takes the player step-by-step through CARRIER's intricate sequence of play. It goes beyond existing CARRIER-assist utilities in that it also tracks Japanese sequence chits plus commitment and retirement levels.

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25 May 2020

Air ops in Carrier

In Victory Games CARRIER the US plane-handling rules are confusing despite two full pages of text, a full page example, and reminders printed on the map. There are also inconsistencies between the rules, the Sequence of Play, and the Game Turn Flowchart.

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