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30 Dec 2021

Killer Angels

Killer Angels (1984 West End) is a detailed operational study of the Gettysburg campaign with unique mechanics for command, hidden movement, skirmish, and battle. It also factors in political constraints that mainly apply to the Union side.

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27 Jun 2021


Before he became a leading historian of the US Army in Normandy, Joseph Balkoski was well-know in the wargaming hobby as a game designer and developer for SPI and Victory Games. Years prior to the publication of his first book, Beyond the Beachhead, Joe demonstrated his research into the subject matter in two grand-tactical wargame designs: Omaha Beachhead (Victory Games 1987) and St-Lô (West End 1986).

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30 Nov 2019

Air Cav

Published by West End Games (1985), Air Cav offers an impressive amount of data on 1980s era weaponry presented in a playable format. Only eight pages of basic rules, and only five more for the advanced rules, Not a big rules overhead for a tactical game, and it has very little errata. Serves quite well as a test bed and toolkit for exploring match-ups.

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25 Nov 2019

Against the Reich

Joe Balkoski's treatment of the 1944 campaign in northwest Europe (West End Games 1986).

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